6 Middlebury Boulevard

Randolph Nj 07869

Tel: 973.927.1894

E-mail: info@kozaksports.com

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Tel: 973.927.1894 --E-mail: info@kozaksports.com

ARTES SRM @ Kozak Sports Center - 6 Middlebury Boulevard, Randolph NJ 07869


Our Goal

The goal of the facility is to offer a place where everyone is able to play sports and/or host events indoors in a safe environment. From family based rental sessions to professional youth development programs, Kozak Sports will meet your needs.

At Kozak Sports Center, we aim to facilitate the needs of every athlete. We currently provide and accomodate for the following sports:

  • soccer
  • field hockey
  • lacrosse
  • volleyball
  • softball
  • baseball(we do not have batting cages)
  • flag football


Please call/email for hourly rental rates

-Rental rates may vary depending on month, time of day, etc.

Payment method
-Credit Card, Check and/or Cash. For all check payments, please have them made out to "ARTES Sports & Recreation Management". If you chose to send a check through the mail, please have it sent to the facility address, 6 Middlebury Blvd, Randolph NJ 07869.


1/3 Down payment
-If the full amount cannot be paid upfront, we ask that you put down a 1/3 holding deposit.

Field Reservation with Credit Card

-We now accept payment through credit card. You can provide the C.C. info over the phone or we can process the C.C. at the facility.



is a 35,000 sq ft, climate controlled, indoor sports facility located in Randolph, NJ. Our Center boasts two well-lit fields, each greater than 90 x 120 ft (which can in turn be divided into 60' x 90' smaller fields.) Playing surfaces employ the most current Field turf technology with a grid of tufted nylon blades surrounded by a fill of pulverized rubber and sand, to create the most realistic artificial surface with the characteristics of a well-manicured grass field.

The Center is comfortably appointed for spectators and off-field players alike with:
  • Bleacher sections in front of each field
  • Upstairs lounge/conference area
  • Vending machines for refreshments


General Info